Jenni Lundelin, Services Developer at YTK.

YTK makes it easier to apply for daily allowance

General unemployment fund YTK has revised the applying for daily allowance in such a way that the salary information can be retrieved from the Incomes Register already in the application phase. That will speed up the processing and relieve the congestion of applications.

Sometimes further specifications are needed for the information obtained from the Incomes Register, e.g. breakdowns of holiday bonuses or holiday compensations, in which case OmaYTK will guide the user in filling out the details, and the applicant can report the necessary information by themselves. As a general rule, a separate salary certificate is no longer needed, if the applicant has complemented the data obtained from the Incomes Register. That way the processing will move on more smoothly. With regard to lay-off and termination of employment, OmaYTK will request the attachments separately.

The more carefully the employers report the salary information to the Incomes Register, the quicker the applications for daily allowance can be processed. YTK hopes that all employers use the greater level of detail in reporting the income to the Incomes Register and also give other voluntary information to the Incomes Register. That will also make it easier for the employers, as they need not provide additional information afterwards.

Good customer experience is a driver of development

YTK takes care of the earnings-related security of every fifth employee in Finland. The OmaYTK service for the members is developed specifically for their needs. The user-friendly system and retrieval of information from the Incomes Register speed up the processing.

“It’s very important to us that we can help our members in the frontline to act right in a situation that is new and perhaps challenging to many. Of course there is always room for development and we are improving our service continuously”, says Jenni Lundelin, Services Developer at YTK. “At the same time, we get to be pioneers in the digitalisation of unemployment security.” Created on the basis of customer feedback and user surveys, OmaYTK is a unique service which YTK will continue to develop based on customer experience in the future, too.