YTK is one of the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland!

Good news! We received an excellent rating in this year’s Corporate Spirit personnel survey. Thus YTK is one the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland!

The recognition as one of the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland indicates that we have invested in the development of our operations by listening to the view of the personnel in the development of the workplace. We can gladly note that our employees are enthusiastic, motivated and devoted to working in a way to make our workplace the best.

What is an inspiring workplace like?

Inspiration makes life more interesting, fun and creative. It supports well-being and gives strength. Inspiration begets innovation and generates results. An inspiring workplace creates value for the future and is the most important element of human capital. In an inspiring workplace people want to do their best.

Benefits of an inspiring workplace

  • The recognition tells the personnel of the organisation that the organisation has succeeded in developing its operations together with its employees.
  • To customers and other stakeholders the recognition gives a picture of a responsible organisation with a good reputation.
  • To new job applicants the positive employer image experienced by the personnel is an impressive message about an inspiring workplace worth applying for.

You can read more about the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland here.

We thank our personnel for a great achievement, enthusiasm and the will to contribute to our success story!