YTK is a WWF Green Office

The General unemployment fund YTK passed the audit and received WWF Green Office certification, which is a certificate of YTK's environmental responsibility. However, the journey is only beginning. This year, we will focus on energy issues and encourage our employees and members to make choices for a cleaner future.

We are acting smart

WWF Green Office is a tool for systematic and effective environmental management. Over the past year, it has enabled us to build an environmental management system for YTK, which enables us to decrease YTK’s carbon footprint and use natural resources wisely in our work.

YTK’s environmental management system is now ready and our offices in Turku and Loimaa have been audited. As a result of this work, we have now received the WWF Green Office certificate. The certificate acknowledges that the operation of our environmental management system meets externally set criteria and that we are committed to continuous improvement.

We are committed to continuous improvement

Over the past year, we established an environmental system. Renewing our waste management contract and arranging the sorting and recycling of waste were among the most visible measures. We also reviewed our purchases and steered procurement in a more environmentally friendly direction. Our lighting and ventilation are automatically adjusted with the help of various sensors, and we are committed to continuous improvement in environmental issues.

Work will continue

The greatest environmental impact of our operations stems from the energy used by our premises and online services. In 2021, our development efforts will be focused especially on energy-related issues. In addition, we intend to encourage our employees and members to make choices for a cleaner future.