When will I get my money?

We had a payment date calculator before the pandemic. The calculator allows you to estimate when the money will appear in your bank account. The pandemic resulted in a huge influx of applications, which made it impossible for us to continue providing this highly praised and much-used service. Now we are happy to tell you that we have relaunched the payment date calculator.

To use the payment date calculator, first select the type of your application. Enter the date when you submitted your application. Click the ‘Calculate’ button and the calculator will give you an estimated date when the allowance you applied for will be in your bank account.

The calculator is based on data on our processing speed and the number of pending applications. To give you an estimate of when the money will be in your account, the calculator takes into account banking days. Once we have made the payment, the money will appear in your bank account in two banking days. This is affected by weekends and holidays.

When the pandemic forced us to take down the calculator, we replaced it with a statistics page. You can visit the statistics page to see how long the queue is currently. This page does not, however, tell how long the processing time will be in the future. In other words, the statistics page tells you what the current processing time is in general, but it does not state what the processing time will be for your application specifically. This is where the payment date calculator comes in handy.

We will keep the statistics page running, as it gives a good overview of the situation.