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What shall I do, if I fall ill while unemployed?

What shall I do, if I fall ill while unemployed?

  1. If you are unemployed, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus shall not as a general rule change your situation in terms of unemployment security. You should continue job-seeking as per normal and send your applications for daily allowance as before.
  2. If you are receiving earnings-related daily allowance and fall ill, you should keep applying for daily allowance as per normal. Short-time illness does not affect your right to receive unemployment benefit.
  3. If the illness lasts for more than 10 days, you should mention in the application for daily allowance that you have been ill, and apply for sickness daily allowance from Kela
  4. If you fall ill so seriously that you are hospitalised or put in other institutional care, you should also mention that in the application. When you are in institutional care, according to the law you are not available to the labour market. You are not entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance for such a period.

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