What fascinates you in YTK, Auli Hänninen?

The General Unemployment Fund YTK will get a new Managing Director as of 1 December. Before joining YTK, Auli Hänninen worked as the Managing Director of the Family Business Network Finland. Auli is, however, familiar with the world of the unemployment fund as she has worked in YTK before. So the obvious question is, what fascinates you in YTK?

I have followed the progress of YTK from the early 2000s, and you can’t help but be inspired by its story. We have been growing for 30 years, taking huge leaps along the way. I have seen the times when the applications were processed on paper and the membership forms arrived by post. Now the applications are filled out in OmaYTK, every fourth Finnish employee is our member, and we have plenty to give for supporting the Finnish unemployment system. But however great the development may be, the thing that attracts me most in YTK is the people: colleagues and members.

What will change?

YTK’s basic operations are excellent, we have extremely skilled personnel and development projects underway. The excessive flood of applications caused by the coronavirus pandemic has calmed down, so now we need to form a peacetime organisation. It means focusing a little more on how the unemployment security is developing in our country and how we can provide even better services to all of our members in the future. I am not a “change for change’s sake” person, but more like a “focus on the essential” person.

What would you like to say to our members?

I am really proud of and impressed by the fact that so many people have chosen YTK to secure their earnings. To me it’s an honour that we can work for each of our members. That may sound like an empty phrase, but I would hope that everyone could at some point witness the dedicated service approach of our personnel. Each application, each message and even all administrative work is always done with the members in mind. That’s why we often use a green heart <3 to describe our approach to our members.