We warn you about delays in the payment of unemployment benefits

If lay-offs concern tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands Finns simultaneously during the spring, the high volume will present an unprecedented challenge. Some payments of unemployment benefits will most probably be delayed. It is impossible to give precise estimates at this point, because the timing of the congestions depends on the implementation schedules of the lay-offs. We understand that this may cause uncertainty and questions, but we hope that you will not overload our customer service. We are following the progress of the situation and will provide new information continuously.

It was not possible to prepare beforehand for a considerable influx of applications in such a short time that was available. The process for the payment of earning-related benefits requires the human input – brains and hands – and it is not easy to upscale them as quickly as is now required. We are currently recruiting dozens of employees and have initiated internal projects for enhancing the smooth flow of the process.

We wish to extend our warm thanks to all those who responded to our inquiry on Wednesday. We gathered important information for preparing from your responses.