We are updating the layout of our website

This afternoon, we will be updating the layout of our website. The functions and structure remain the same. However, the usability is improved when the colour scheme and font styles are updated to match usage.

Just in time for summer, YTK will get a new colour on the surface. The idea is that the YTK members can safely stomp on the green lawn and push off from it towards the blue sky!

The clarification of the colour scheme will be visible on our website on 18 May in the afternoon. Changes to newsletters and social media will come in the near future. OmaYTK will also be renewed later. When it comes to advertising of the unemployment fund, you may have already spotted a new look, but now it will become a permanent part when using our services. 

Changes to the appearance are the sum of many factors. With these changes, we will strengthen the basic image of YTK and make our content more accessible as we better factor in all of our users. For example, a new clearer font makes texts easier to read. 

Of course, it's always difficult to give up an old acquaintance and loved one, but we are satisfied with the changes and hope that the changes will please you, as well.