Waiting period raises questions

Last year we exceptionally had the opportunity to pay daily allowance for the waiting period. Now the waiting period is back and it has raised a lot of questions.

When you first apply for daily allowance as an unemployed or laid off individual after the employment condition has been fulfilled, we can only pay daily allowance after you have been unemployed as an unemployed job seeker for a period equating to five full working days, for a maximum of eight consecutive calendar weeks. This time is called the waiting period.

The waiting period during the exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus was five days, for which time we were able to pay you daily allowance. This exception is no longer valid.

Our website contains a lot of information about the waiting period

Read more about waiting period in our data bank.

Last year, an exception was made to the waiting period, which is no longer valid.

The waiting period returns again when you meet the working condition. As a rule, however, no more than once a year.