Under 25 year old and without occupational education?

As spring approaches the young are ushered to schools by threat of losing unemployment benefits. To maintain the right to unemployment daily allowance, each under 25 year old without occupational education must apply for at least two educations that lead into degrees, and which basic requirements he/she fulfills, in the spring’s joint application.

A young person without education can lose their unemployment daily allowance if he/she

  • does not apply for education beginning in the fall 2017,
  • by their own action cause not getting selected for an education,
  • declines an education position or does not start the education or
  • quits the education.

If a young loses the entitlement to daily allowance, the right to unemployment daily allowance returns at latest when the person turns 25 years old. Unemployment daily allowance can be paid before this, if the young person completes an occupational education or if the young person has been at least 21 calendar weeks in work that is included in the employment condition, has taken part in employment promoting services, has studied full time or has been employed full time as an entrepreneur or in own work.

Here’s how you fulfill your application responsibility:

  • Apply for at least two educational positions in the joint application in the spring. In addition to occupational education, you can also apply to university or university of applied sciences. If you only have completed primary school, you can also apply for upper secondary schools meant for the young. The educational position you apply for must be such that you fulfill the requirements for being accepted as a student.
  • If you get an invitation to an entrance exam or other selection event, you should take part in these events.
  • If you receive an education position, you should accept it and start your studies.
  • Good luck with your chosen education!