There are more than 440 000 of us!

Congratulations to all YTK members! Continuous growth of nearly 30 years did not slow down this year. Nearly 60 000 new members joined our ranks during 2019. We wish to welcome both new members and those who have been with us for a longer time!

The 440 000th member of the fund was entered in the electronic register at the beginning of December. On average, over 5 000 people join YTK every month. This year the number of new members totals around 57 000.

Why are people interested in YTK, Sanna Alamäki, Managing Director?

”I like to believe that one of the key factors of our success is our personnel. We have an absolutely great crowd of 140 employees who on a daily basis devote themselves e.g. to the troubles and questions of our unemployed members. They provide the security that everyone needs at some point in their working life. Our measured customer satisfaction and strong growth of the membership base indicate that our care for customers is important and that’s why people like us and recommend us. We are happy and grateful about our customers’ trust in us!”

What kinds of people have joined as members this year?

”All kinds of salaried employees from all over Finland, men and women. Four out of five new members come from outside the funds, which means that they do not report a previous membership in another unemployment fund. They are mainly young adults who move around in working life almost by nature.”

Shall we kick up a party?

”We are celebrating this milestone at work. We are currently working at a number of projects to pay the earnings-related daily allowance to our unemployed members in the future even quicker than now, reduce bureaucracy in the processing of benefits, communicate as smoothly as possible in different channels, and provide better customer service. The more customers we have, the better, more professionally and quickly these and dozens of other projects can be completed for the benefit of our customers. So the increasing number of members benefits our customers directly.”

Sanna Alamäki.

Managing Director
Sanna Alamäki