The backlog of lay-off applications from the spring has been cleared

We processed more than 100,000 applications and paid out over 100 million euros as benefits to applicants in July.

Due to the coronavirus crisis we received a record-high number of applications for daily allowance related to lay-offs starting in April. They totalled 53,875 from April–July. In 2019, we received a total of 12,319 applications related to lay-offs during the whole year.

We managed to clear the backlog of applications of the full-time laid off persons at the beginning of August, and at the moment there are just a few hundred applications left to be processed. New applications from full-time laid off persons are currently taken in for processing within about a week from their arrival.

Historic July

July was a significant month in the history of YTK. “Traditionally July is a quiet holiday month, but this year we processed more than 100,000 applications and paid out over 100 million euros of benefits to applicants during July”, says Sanna Alamäki, Managing Director of YTK.

The number of applications has continued to fall after April, although the numbers are high compared to last year. In May, the number of all applications was ten-fold compared to May 2019. “The number of further applications was lower than the number of lay-offs in the early stage of the coronavirus crisis, so we can assume that many people have returned to work after their lay-off”, Sanna Alamäki states.

Processing times will be under 30 days by the end of August

There are delays in the processing times of other application types, however. The first-time applications of unemployed persons are still congested, and the processing time will be over 40 days for a little longer. The further applications, which are usually processed quickly, are also congested and their processing time exceeds 30 days. We expect the situation to improve for both application types by the end of August, and then the processing time for all application types will be under 30 days.