The Avoin työlle podcast, hosted by Perttu Pölönen, gives a voice to the work and workers of the new era.

“The future is built on the choices we make today,” says Perttu Pölönen in the Avoin työlle podcast about the future of work. What does a good and balanced (work) life require now and in the future? What opportunities do the jobs of the future bring with them? In the podcast, we explore the jobs, unemployment, ways of working, and future skills of the new era with guests from various fields. Listen to the podcast on Spotify!
The Avoin työlle podcast is available only in Finnish.

“Discussions about the different career paths and perspectives of the guests give a voice to the diversity of the work of the future. At the same time, we aim to normalize talking about work and unemployment. That’s why we will also be addressing the downsides of working life – the difficult circumstances and feelings, such as discrimination and prejudice – and trying to find an optimistic approach to the challenges we face. Encouragement and hope for the future are needed right now,” says podcast host Perttu Pölönen.

As guests on the Avoin työlle podcast, we will have a diverse selection of people working in jobs of the new era:

  • Reetta Somppi, freelancer working in the media sector and YTK member (6 Oct 2021)
  • Venla Abney, social worker and social media representative (13 Oct 2021)
  • Heikki Huhtanen, coder and farmer (20 Oct 2021)
  • Dakota Robin, human rights consultant and transgender man (27 Oct 2021)
  • Lauri Happonen, former esports professional (3 Nov 2021)
  • Ilpo Rybatzki, art and future educator (10 Nov 2021)
  • Linda Peltomaa, entrepreneur (17 Nov 2021)
  • Leevi Lehtonen, Talent Finland star and TikToker (24 Nov 2021)​​​​​​

Avoin työlle – what is it?

The Avoin työlle podcast gives a voice to the work of the new era. Together with Perttu Pölönen and guests from different fields working in exciting new ways, we bring up ideas about work and unemployment, the modern working life, the new ways of working, and the skills of the future.

The podcast starts 6th October on Spotify and Apple.

Production: Mellakka Management