Tax card for 2023

Earnings-related daily allowance is subject to tax. When you receive earnings-related daily allowance, we deduct the tax from your allowance and pay it to the Tax Administration. The amount of the tax withheld from your allowance is based on your tax card.

We need your tax card for tax purposes. We automatically receive your new tax card from the Tax Administration in January. This tax card is, however, meant for salaries and wages. If you only have a tax card that is designed for income from employment, we will have to tax your benefits at a higher rate according to the Tax Administration’s instructions. If you receive earnings-related daily allowance, you should request a revised tax card for benefits in the Tax Administration’s electronic service.

If you will not apply for earnings-related daily allowance, you do not need to give us a tax card.

The Tax Administration’s electronic service does not have the option to order a revised tax card for benefits specifically. Order the tax card as you normally would, but enter the total annual amount of the earnings-related daily allowance you expect to receive in the benefits field.

You can see the amount of your daily allowance in the decision you have received from us. You can find this decision in the OmaYTK service. You can also use our daily allowance calculator to estimate the amount. You can use the calculator to get the estimated amount of daily allowance you will be paid for the entire duration of your unemployment. You can use this estimate when ordering a new tax card.

In the same field where you entered the estimated amount of your allowance, you can enter “Yleinen työttömyyskassa YTK” as the recipient of your tax information. This way, we will get your tax information directly from the Tax Administration. If you are about to apply for daily allowance, please wait for a few days before submitting your daily allowance application after the tax card request. Otherwise, we might pay your daily allowance according to your old tax information.

You can also send your tax card to us in the OmaYTK online service. The service has a tax card button for adding a new tax card.

If we don’t have your new tax card, your January 2023 allowance will be based on the information in your 2022 tax card, but the accumulation of your annual earnings will be reset at the start of the new year.