Studies are starting – what does it mean in terms of unemployment security?

With the autumn approaching, educational establishments will soon be filled by teachers and students. For both groups, unemployment security is topical right now. Many people working as teachers may have spent their summer on unemployment benefit which will end when they return to work. Some students in turn may start studies on unemployment benefit.

When employment begins, there is not much required in terms of unemployment security. It is enough to state in your last application that you are starting work. If the work ends again at the beginning of the next summer, you can continue to apply for the unemployment benefit as per normal. You have probably fulfilled a new condition regarding employment, so the maximum payment period will start over. The daily allowance will only be recalculated, if longer than one year has passed since the daily allowance was last reviewed.

For those starting studies, unemployment security offers a number of options. If you study part-time i.e. your studies do not prevent applying for and taking on a full-time job, you can apply for daily allowance for the duration of the studies as per normal. It is required for the payment of daily allowance that the TE Office has regarded the studies to be of part-time nature.

If you plan to study full time, you can ask from the TE Office about a possibility to study independently while receiving unemployment benefit. The TE Office may grant such right, if the planned studies support you employment in an appropriate manner.

If you plan to study for a short time i.e. less than 6 months, it can also be agreed on with the TE Office. Then you can, for instance, complete an unfinished degree or do some other continuing education courses. Such studies are not an obstacle for the payment of daily allowance even if you study full time.

You can also inquire about various labour training from the TE Office. It may be, for instance, different courses to complement your competence. You may be entitled to receive daily allowance and possibly also compensation for expenses for the duration of labour training.

You can read more about the effect of studying on daily allowance in our online service.