Reminder to applicants of earnings-related daily allowance!

Remember to keep your job-seeking in force in the TE Office. Registering as an unemployed jobseeker and the validity of job-seeking are absolute requirements for us to be able to pay you earnings-related daily allowance.

The easiest way to register as an unemployed jobseeker is on the website of the TE Office. You cannot register retroactively, so you should register on your first day of unemployment or lay-off at the latest.

It is extremely vexing, if you fail to receive earnings-related daily allowance because of missing registration. We provide information about the matter regularly, and our goal is that no YTK member will lose their unemployment benefit, because they have not registered in the TE Office. You can help us with that; if your friends or acquaintances are about to become unemployed, please remind them to register. Thank you!