Processing times are at a good level

Last spring the lay-offs due to the coronavirus were seen and felt widely. To us they meant huge numbers of applications which we continued to process through the spring and summer almost around the clock. In August we managed to reach almost normal waiting times and since then the processing times have remained short.

The waiting time of a first-time application is around 1.5 weeks. Further applications are mainly processed automatically, so there is no waiting time for those. Further applications that include changes or e.g. part-time employment can normally be processed within about a week. You can follow the current processing situation on our statistics pages.

Although the situation is now good, the coronavirus still affects the processing times. We at YTK are still in remote work and are otherwise careful not to be taken ill. The unemployment rate is still rather high and based on the economic outlook we expect the unemployment situation to continue to be weak for some time into the next year.

We wish strength and happiness to everyone!