Pre-processing of applications speeds up the payment of daily allowance

During the spring, we have adopted many new approaches to alleviate the backlog of applications and speed up processing. We have doubled the number of our personnel, developed online services, introduced robotics and improved the efficiency of customer service and communications. Customer service forces have now also been harnessed for the pre-processing of first-time applications.

Pre-processing means ‘checking’ the first application before its actual turn to be processed. Our employee reviews your first application to ensure that it contains all the necessary basic information. The most important are the TE Office’s statement, a tax card calculated for the benefit, bank account number and any information about children for the child increase.

It is therefore possible that you will receive a message from us regarding your application even before it is actually in processing – please provide us with all the requested information as soon as possible!

Pre-processing is currently only being carried out for first-time applications. This is because when daily allowance is paid for the first time, the information required to process the application must be stored in our systems, while in the case of follow-up applications, this basic information is typically already in order.

First applications are pre-processed pending a decision

The purpose of pre-processing is for the application to be as complete as possible when the actual processing is carried out. This speeds up the payment process as the employee processing the benefit can focus solely on determining your entitlement to daily allowance, with no more time being spent on reviewing basic information at this stage.

Please note that pre-processing does not yet mean that your application is being processed by our benefit payer, as pre-processing work is carried out by our employees normally working in other positions, such as customer service and member services. For the best estimate of the actual payment date of your application, visit the processing time page.

Salary and employment information needs to be checked

Salary information is also retrieved from the Incomes Register for the application during pre-processing, unless the applicant has already retrieved this information when filling in the application. When filling in the application, you should check the information in the Incomes Register yourself and add it to your application. The OmaYTK service will advise you with this as you fill in the application. If the information in the Incomes Register is not up-to-date or otherwise correct, you can provide a pay statement to clarify the issue, if necessary.

The pre-processor also enters employment information on the application. When information about, for example, the applicable collective agreement or the manner in which the lay-off is being carried out has been entered into the system in advance, the employee processing the benefit will no longer need to take time to browse this information during the final processing.