On Sunday 7.3. Nordea bank IDs cannot be used to log in to the OmaYTK service due to a break in Nordea's online banking services.

Please note the postal workers strike when you apply for daily allowance

The strike of postal workers in November will slow down the delivery of mail. We recommend that you ensure you communication with YTK by using the OmaYTK service. Through the service you can send applications and attachments electronically.

The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU is initiating extensive strike measures. Delivery, processing and transport of mail will be prevented or slow down, unless an agreement is reached in negotiations on collective agreement. The strike will start on Monday, 11 November at 6.00 a.m. and end on Sunday, 24 November at midnight.

The Post expects disturbances in the delivery of letters, and the delays may last several weeks. So if you send your application for daily allowance by mail, the processing of the matter may be delayed. By using the OmaYTK service there will be no such delay.

There are some due dates for processing of matters within unemployment security. As a general rule, a delay of mail is not an acceptable reason for late delivery. You can ensure that you meet the due dates related to application, claim for recovery and appeal by using the OmaYTK service. If you are unable to use the service for some reason, you should contact our customer service.

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