Payment reminder 18.4.2023

A reminder of the YTK Unemployment Fund membership fee

You have not paid your membership fee by its due date.

Paying your membership fee is the only way to ensure that your membership at the YTK Unemployment Fund stays valid and you qualify for earnings-related unemployment benefits. So please pay your membership fee for 2023 now, and your earnings-related unemployment security will not be disconnected.

As a new feature, you can now pay your membership fee directly and conveniently using your personal online banking credentials in the OmaYTK service.

If you have already agreed on a new due date or paying the invoice in installments with us, you do not need to pay attention to this message.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Log in to the OmaYTK service.

2. Check under Personal information to make sure your contact information is up to date.

3. Search for the invoice information from Membership fees -> Invoice details.

4. Pay you membership fee directly in the service or alternatively with the invoice details in your own online bank.

5. While paying the membership fee in your online bank, order an e-invoice of your membership fee.

If you have retired, for example, and do not need a membership with us anymore, please submit a termination notice.

E-invoice makes life easier and is better for the environment

Consider paying your membership fee with an e-invoice. Paying your membership fee with an e-invoice is easier, more flexible and safer than paying with a paper invoice. Managing invoices is convenient, and they will not be lost with other mail.

You can request an e-invoice in the OmaYTK service or your own online bank. Once you have requested an e-invoice, you can request that your online bank notifies you when a new invoice arrives. If you want, you can also set the e-invoice to be paid automatically.

There are two options for requesting an e-invoice:

1.      Request an e-invoice in the OmaYTK service:

  • Log in to OmaYTK and click Switch to e-invoice in the right column.
  • Choose your bank from the list.
  • Click Send an e-invoice request.
  • IMPORTANT: The e-invoice request will arrive in your online bank to wait for your approval within 1 to 3 business days. You need to approve the request within 30 days or it will expire and the request will not be approved. Some banks do not show e-invoice requests in their mobile application. However, you can approve the request through the browser version of the online bank.

2.      Change your billing preferences yourself in your online banking app:

  • Log in to your online bank.
  • Request an e-invoice by following the online bank instructions.
  • If you need the reference number of the invoice, you can find it at Membership fees -> Invoice details.

Services and benefits for you

YTK is Finland’s most popular unemployment fund and a reliable provider of earnings-related unemployment security. As a member of the YTK Unemployment Fund, you protect your income in the event of unemployment or lay-off. You can also apply for an adjusted daily allowance, if you are working part-time, or a job alternation compensation, if you are taking a job alternation leave. As a member of the YTK Unemployment Fund, you also have access to a mobility allowance, which makes it easier to work a little further away.

Get the most out of your membership by adding the YTK Working Life benefits and services to your fund membership. With an annual fee of only 24 euros, the YTK Working Life will give you:

  • the Lakikaveri legal service to help you navigate difficult employment situations
  • insurance for work and leisure
  • personal career training and the Online Training Library for Working Life with thousands of trainings
  • top leisure benefits to strengthen your well-being.