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Payment dates at Easter

There are two public holidays at Easter that are not banking days. This may transfer the earnings-related allowance to the account by a few days.

The turn of the month is approaching, and many people are wondering how the Easter holidays will affect the timeframe on which earnings-related allowances will be credited to the account.

If you submit an extension application according to the normal application rhythm on Wednesday 31 March 2021 and there have been no changes, the payment will be processed automatically and made from us during the same day, i.e. 31 March. However, the payment will not be in your account until after Easter on Tuesday 6 April. Normally, it takes two business days to transfer the money. The accounting date for a payment falling on a Wednesday at Easter would be Friday, but since Friday is not a banking day, money does not move. The same goes for the following Monday, so the money will be in the account after Easter on Tuesday.

If we pay earnings-related allowance on the basis of your application between 1 April and 5 April, the payment will be in your account on Wednesday 7 April.

Please don't do this!

If the last day of your application period is 31 March, do not shorten the application period in the hope that we can pay before the Easter holidays.

If you shorten the application period, we will treat it as an amendment, in which case your application will be transferred by hand. This will delay payment more than what the impact of Easter is.

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