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Our new name is YTK Unemployment Fund

In the future, the General Unemployment Fund YTK will be known as YTK Unemployment Fund. The name change of the unemployment fund has been approved at the YTK annual meeting in Loimaa on Friday 7.10. and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has confirmed the change.

The change is driven by the desire to provide customers with more distinctive services, where everyone can choose exactly what they need.

“With the name change, we want to clarify the image that members have of YTK, what the different actors starting with the letters YTK have to offer, and where services can be obtained. The YTK Unemployment Fund provides earnings security in the event of unemployment or job alternation leave, as well as mobility allowance. YTK Working Life (formerly the YTK Association) offers other services needed in working life, such as legal advice, lawyer's assistance with employment problems, and employment services,” says Auli Hänninen, Managing Director of YTK Unemployment Fund.

Membership in YTK Working Life requires a valid membership of the YTK Unemployment Fund, except for full-time students, who can join as student members of YTK Working Life. Some 510,000 people are members of the YTK Unemployment Fund, of whom about 245,000 are also members of YTK Working Life.

The change will not affect the operations, management, or services of YTK Unemployment Fund.

The operations of YTK Working Life (formerly the YTK Association) will also continue as before.

The rules of YTK Unemployment Fund can be found here