Our members are satisfied

Petja Eklund, unemployment security expert

Despite the congestion of applications during the spring and summer our members are satisfied with the service they have received. This is shown by extensive member surveys. The survey carried out in May–June was answered by 21,715 respondents and the one carried out in August by 8,190 respondents.

Coronavirus epidemic of spring resulted in a flood of applications

Due to the coronavirus we received a record-high number of applications for earnings-related daily allowance. By the beginning of September the applications numbered 556,318, while the total number for last year was 317,304 applications.

In the early phase of the coronavirus crisis, applications arrived in record-high volumes. For example in mid-April, on week 16, the number of first-time applications was 1,500% higher compared to the same period in the previous year.

We began to prepare for the worst already in early March, but in practice it was not possible to increase our capacity at the same rate as the lay-offs and terminations of employment proceeded. The result was exactly what we warned the decision-makers about in March; the processing of applications was congested, and the payments of daily allowance were delayed.

Now the backlog has been cleared and the money moves quickly

In order to clear the backlog we hired 100 new employees, and introduced robotics and new ways of working. With the help of those the processing time of applications had returned already in August to under the statutory processing time of 30 days. At the beginning of September the processing times were 1–1.5 weeks.

As part of the Jäsenpulssi survey we asked our members how we succeeded amidst the coronavirus crisis. We received good ratings for all areas of our operation (on a scale from 4–10). The OmaYTK service through which the applications are made got a rating of 8.9. Communication to members received the same rating of 8.9. Willingness to serve was rated at 8.8 and the website at 8.7. In spite of occasional congestion, the accessibility of customer service received a rating of 8.4 and the smooth flow of operations 8.3.

Due to the congestion caused by the coronavirus crisis, e.g. only half of the laid off people considered the services to be fast. Despite the congestion, 77 per cent of the laid off people and 82 per cent of the unemployed considered our customer service to be friendly. The satisfaction of the members is visible in the commitment of the members in particular. 90 per cent of the respondents intend to remain our members, and 82 per cent feel that they get services for their money’s worth. We focus on the customers which is shown by the fact that 78 per cent of the respondents feel that we care.

Members think that we did well amidst the coronavirus crisis

The results of the Jäsenpulssi survey of August are along the same lines as in the survey implemented earlier in May–June which was responded by nearly 22,000 members. Already then 75 per cent of the respondents felt that YTK’s services are fast. The average rating for applying for and receiving daily allowance was 8. The results show that our members think that we have managed the coronavirus crisis successfully.