Opening hours at Christmas and New Year 2021

This year the Christmas holidays mainly land on weekends, so they only affect little our normal opening hours.

Opening hours

We are closing our telephone lines on Thursday 23 December 2021 at 1 p.m. The chat service is closed at the same time. We will open the telephone and chat service as per normal on Monday 27 December 2021.

At New Year’s Eve on 31 December 2021 we will close the telephone lines and chat at 1 p.m.

At Epiphany on 6 January 2022 the telephone service and chat will be closed.

Our website, OmaYTK and chatbot will be available as per normal. So you can fill out applications, send us messages through OmaYTK, and ask for advice from customer service robot Iiris.

Payment days

Christmas and New Year do not affect the payments we make. However, all weekdays are not normal banking days, so there will be changes in the transfer of payments. The transfer of payments takes 2 banking days. All weekdays are not banking days. For example, weekends are not banking days. So if we make the payment on Friday, the transfer will not proceed on Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are the next banking days.

This year the Christmas Eve falls on Friday. It is not a banking day. As a result, for example, the daily allowance paid on Wednesday 22 December will not show up on your account until the Monday of the following week.

Similarly, Epiphany on Thursday 6 January 2022 is not a banking day, which will extend the normal transfers by one day.