OmaYTK Gets Better

We will update in May the way in which you can discuss with us in OmaYTK. There will be a whole new page for messages, and it will easier for you to manage discussions on different subjects.

It has been possible for you to discuss directly with us in OmaYTK for a long time. As a service channel OmaYTK is very popular: the number of messages sent over a few years totals over 2.5 million!

The use of the service has expanded a great deal over the years, and at present the subjects of discussion range from the twists and turns of unemployment security to processing of daily allowance applications and issues related to membership.

We have now developed OmaYTK to support different forms of discussion and to improve the management of discussion history. We will continue to offer a service channel for guidance with a low threshold in the future, but what’s new is that we can better forward you to the exactly right expert who can best help you with handling the issue at hand. That way we can guarantee you as direct service as possible, and consequently we will have more time to help you.

The changes will be visible in OmaYTK in such a way that the Message section that is already familiar to many will have an own page in the future. On the new Discussions page you can browse your earlier discussions and get back to them, or start a new discussion with us. In the early phase we will check the contents of your discussion and update the heading of the discussion, but later you can choose by yourself what your discussion is about.

After the changes we will reply to your messages in the same way as before within about 1–2 days. We have also noticed that through OmaYTK we can reach our members efficiently, so we will be using it more in the future.

You will always receive a notification about a new message by e-mail. That way it’s easy to spot important messages. In OmaYTK we will highlight information about a new message, so that it will be as easy as possible for you to find the right page and the right discussion.

The change does not require anything from you. We will reply quickly to all your messages also in the future and contact you actively whenever it is needed.