Newsletter: YTK’s membership fee invoicing 2020

Our membership fee for 2020 will stay the same. The membership fee of General Unemployment Fund YTK will be 92 euros and that of the YTK Association will be 18 euros.

If you are a combined member of YTK you will receive invoices for the membership fees of both the unemployment fund and the YTK Association at the same time. We will send the invoices at the beginning of January. Depending on your chosen invoicing method, you will receive it either as an e-invoice directly to your online bank, by post to your home address or to the OmaPosti service (former Netposti).

Check your contact information and request an e-invoice

Please make sure in OmaYTK that your contact information is up to date. That way you will help us to get in touch with you with important matters. You can also check the invoicing method at the same time.

If you still receive a paper invoice, we recommend that you switch to e-invoice. It is an easy, quick, cost-efficient and ecological way to pay your annual membership fee. The most convenient way to switch to e-invoice is to request an e-invoice proposal from us directly to your online bank (option 1).

Option 1.

Request an e-invoice proposal from us to your online bank be replying to this message. In the reply you need to name your own bank to which you want to receive the proposal. You have 30 days to approve the proposal in your online bank. After the approval the bank will send us a reception notification, and you will receive your membership fee invoices directly to your online bank in the future.

Option 2.

Make an e-invoice authorisation in your own online bank. You will find the information needed for the authorisation in OmaYTK under Membership fees.

Please note that if you are a member of both the General Unemployment Fund YTK and the YTK Association, you need to make authorisations separately for both organisations. The membership and reference numbers of the unemployment funds and the YTK Association are different.

Netposti is now OmaPosti

The Post’s online service Netposti has moved on to the improved next-generation version called OmaPosti. If you received your membership invoices previously in Netposti, you will now find them in OmaPosti. You can use OmaPosti either with a mobile app or on the website.

Pay your membership fee by the due date

Only those who have paid their membership fee are members and thus entitled to receive earnings-related benefits. YTK will terminate the memberships of those who have failed to pay their membership fee. If your membership ends at termination of membership by YTK, you will not be entitled to security through membership of YTK. At the same time, you will also lose the accumulated membership and employment periods. In that case you need to re-apply for the membership and start accumulating the condition regarding membership and employment required for the right to receive earnings-related daily allowance from the beginning.

Combined membership includes e.g. insurance cover (occupational liability and legal expenses + leisure time accident insurance) and the cover will expire, if the membership fee has not been paid.

Pay the membership fee in any case

The membership fee of YTK is the same for all members and it must be paid in all cases. If you are e.g. a student, in military or civil service, on maternity or parental leave or on a long sick leave, you should pay the membership fee as per normal. E.g. the aforementioned are acceptable reasons for absence from the labour market, and hence they extend the normal 28-month review period of the condition regarding employment by as much as seven years. So you can retain the accumulated membership and employment periods by paying the membership fee, even if you are not on the labour market at present.

If you retire on pension, you should terminate your membership

When you retire on pension, you no longer need the services of the unemployment fund. If you have not yet received a pension decision, you should pay the membership fee as per normal. Send us your notice of resignation only after you have received an official decision on the start of the pension. That way you will ensure your security up to the start of the pension and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

When you receive a decision on the start of the pension, you should send us your notice of resignation. On our website you can fill out an electronic notice of resignation. If you state the start date of your pension in the notice of resignation, we will refund the share of the membership for the rest of the year, if you have already paid the membership fee for the whole year. Sums of under € 10 will not be refunded.