Newsletter September 30 2021

Communication is caring

Advisory services are an important part of our work, but we also contact our members regularly through surveys and letters. Such communication is a visible way to convey the strategy of the organisation, and hence it is important to us. But why do we communicate so much? What do we strive to achieve with it? What do our members think about it?

Topical news about unemployment security

If you are not yet a member of the YTK Association, here are some more reasons to join:

As a member of the fund, it is also worthwhile to join the Association to get benefits of thousands of euros for a fee of just 18 euros per year. The membership includes professional liability and legal expenses insurance, leisure-time accident insurance, and legal advice for employment relationships. In addition, you will get numerous membership benefits for job-seeking and career, development of expertise, well-being and travelling, as well as other everyday savings!

Membership benefit of the YTK Association renewed – win a pair of headphones!

The supply of the working life online training library will be expanded in autumn 2021 with monthly live webinars of MySpeaker’s inspiring top coaches on the hottest themes in the working life: future work and working life skills, leadership, interaction, emotional skills, continuous learning, customer experience, ability to change, inclusion, well-being, technology, cyber security, and creativity and innovation.

So why not use the benefit worth hundreds of euros included in the membership of the YTK Association now, as we will have a raffle among all members who have registered in the training library through OMA+ by 30 November 2021 and give out 3 pairs of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones (value € 199) with which you can easily listen to the online trainings anywhere and anytime!

Membership of the YTK Association is worthwhile – 12 career coaching grants will be given out!

Whatever you want from the working life, you will get it more likely, if you have a plan. So, you should apply for the YTK Association’s career coaching grant. We are giving out 12 career coaching packages with which you can, regardless of your job description and field, find tools for a good working life that suits you. The coaching package valued at € 500 includes both online coaching and personal career guidance with your own mentor. The project involves six well-known people who will choose the recipients of the grants together with us.

Read more and apply for the grant (in Finnish)

The application and prize are in Finnish

Perhaps also of interest to you:

Autumn’s new and inspiring membership benefits keep you stronger and more alert in the winds of the working life!