Newsletter September 14, 2023

The terms of your income protection are changing - how will the changes affect you?

A number of changes to unemployment benefits have been agreed in the government programme. The forthcoming changes to the law will bring a range of tightening ups to the conditions and level of support.

How would the staggering of income support affect the daily allowance?

How would the abolition of the child increase and the exempt amount affect the daily allowance?

How are you affected by the staggering of holiday compensation and changes to the employment condition?

​​​​​​​The reforms will enter into force in stages, starting from the beginning of next year, if the legislative changes are adopted.

Go to e-invoice and win a100 € gift voucher

With e-invoicing, you can manage your membership fees more easily, flexibly and securely than with a paper invoice. By switching to e-invoicing now, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a 100 € gift voucher. E-invoicing is a convenient way to keep your bills under control.

Employment was unexpectedly terminated during a probationary period - Unfounded termination led to compensation claims

The employee's contract was terminated unexpectedly on the last day of their probationary period. The employer was unable to give proper reasons for the termination. With the help of a lawyer, the matter was quickly resolved and the employee received compensation.

Super deals for you on the renewed holiday packages in Ikaalinen

Throw yourself into the vortex of dance or enjoy a stand-up gig at Ikaalinen Spa! As a combined member of the YTK, you can now get great discounts on renewed holiday packages that include tickets to a dance or stand-up show. Combined members also enjoy even better permanent discounts at Ikaalinen Spa.

Legal advice, insurance cover or relaxation. What do you need?

When you opt for the work-life services on top of your fund membership for just 24 € a year, you get all this:

A lawyer for employment problems, legal expenses insurance, accident insurance for leisure, an online training library, hotel and spa benefits, and discounts on wellness services, IT security and lawyer services.

Remember that full use of the legal service and insurance requires, among other things, 6 months' membership of the YTK Worklife, so don't delay!

Have you recently moved to Finland? Are you missing information on earnings-related allowance and unemployment funds?

Check out the information gathered by TYJ (Työttömyyskassojen Yhteisjärjestö), the association of unemployment funds! 

The guides come in many different languages.