Newsletter October 14 2020

What should you remember to do now?

Last spring was certainly carved in the memories of all of us as an unusual period during which many things changed in the blink of an eye. Daily life was revolutionised: homes turned to workplaces overnight, and many people had to learn to work in a new way, the shopping habits changed, and so did events and consumption. Now it already seems normal to us to wear a mask in public transport and wash hands continuously.

It is often said that changing is difficult, and it’s hard to get rid of your habits. If you look back to how quickly we learned to live with the Covid-19 pandemic, you can say that we are not that bad at changing ourselves. We have earned some applause for that!

With October, we at YTK have enhanced our preparedness and expect that unemployment and lay-offs will increase towards the end of the year. On the other hand, it is normal, it happens every year, but of course the epidemic may create extra challenges.

Although the changes are not yet visible in our operations, we have begun to increase the number of our employees and follow the forecasts more closely. All of us together can prevent the effects of the epidemic, so let’s look after ourselves and each other!

  • Remember to wash your hands!
  • Wear a mask when you meet other people!
  • Keep up hope and trust!

”One day I’m confident, the next day worried”

As the exceptional times continue, it’s even more important to look away from the display, the coronavirus news and announcements of co-operation negotiations and ask each other – how are you?

”It’s like a roller-coaster, one day I’m confident, the next day worried”, one member describes the situation.

According to our latest surveys, many of you find the situation to be divided. The majority goes to work and believes that it will continue. A significant share of you is however still struggling with an uncertain employment situation. Trust in the future among the laid-off and unemployed persons in particular is decreasing further compared to the spring. Whether the employment situation is good or bad, it is not expected to change essentially in the near future. Those who believe that their situation will change expect it to change for the worse.

Uncertain outlook has naturally affected the future plans of many people, as more and more people say that they have considered a new job or field, or studying. Are there new opportunities hatching in the change?

See what the others answered – read more about the Member Pulse survey!

Tax tips and a new calculator

We have added a new feature to our daily allowance calculator. You can now calculate an estimate on the amount of daily allowance for the entire unemployment or lay-off period. You can then use that information when you request a new tax card from the Tax Administration.

The Government has proposed extension of the exceptions in the Unemployment Security Act

Last spring the Government implemented several exceptions to the Unemployment Security Act. Now the Government proposes that the rest of the exceptions should remain valid until the end of the year. According to the proposal, for example, the exempt amount of 500 euros of the unemployment benefit could be applied to the end of the year.

New benefits to combined members!

We will help you to succeed in the turns of the working life

Remember that as a member of the Fund you can also be a member of the YTK Association. It only costs 18 euros per year, so why not join right away! You will get legal protection and advice on employment relationships as well as significant benefits for insurances, job-seeking, self-development, and leisure time.

Read more about the newest benefits!