End-of-year tips about earnings-related daily allowances

Check your taxes at the latest before Christmas

Earnings-related daily allowance is subject to tax. The Tax Administration has calculated a withholding tax rate for you with a certain income limit. The income limit should be checked well in advance of Christmas. The most regrettable thing is, if the income limit indicated on the tax card is inadvertently exceeded. This means that the withholding tax rate on the unemployment benefit will increase and the share of the daily allowance paid to you will decrease. This can be an unpleasant surprise just before Christmas.

So, if you will be applying for daily allowance towards the end of the year, check the income limit on your tax card and your accumulated daily allowance. If the income limit is about to be exceeded, you can request a new, revised tax card from the Tax Administration for the benefit to be paid during the rest of the year.

Temporary changes to unemployment security are coming to an end

Several temporary changes were made to the Unemployment Security Act due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of these amendments have already been rescinded, and the concessions regarding the exempt amount, the mobility allowance and self-employed persons’ adjusted allowances are due to expire at the end of November.

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