Newsletter November 10

A problem shared is a problem halved, but don’t forget to share your joys as well. ​​​​​​​

According to our Jäsenpulssi member survey, you – our members – are most concerned about price rises and the war in Ukraine. Luckily, the world also provides plenty of reasons, big and small, to be cheerful. 

“Little things make me happy: spending time with my children, going for a jog in the wilderness or looking at the sea – and, of course, other people. A problem shared is a problem halved, but don’t forget to share your joys as well.”Tommy Fränti

“Sometimes you have to settle for less, but you should never let go of your dreams. They may be lofty aspirations, but you should approach them with good humour. And who knows when one of them could suddenly come true?”Seela Sella

How do Riikka Pulkkinen, Saku Tuominen, Seela Sella and Tommy Fränti approach their concerns?

The General Unemployment Fund YTK is now the YTK Unemployment Fund!

The name change is our way of clarifying what the various YTK entities offer and what members can get from them. The YTK Unemployment Fund provides income security services. YTK Working Life (formerly YTK Association) offers a diverse range of services for working life for 20 euros more. The name change will not affect your membership, apart from making it clearer, hopefully!

“I told myself life would always go on, and you need to be brave if you want change”

In our recent Jäsenpulssi survey, we asked our members to name the bravest choice they have made in working life. We were delighted to receive almost 8,000 responses. Here are some of your brave choices. Thank you to everyone who participated!  

“I have asked for a pay rise a few times because I am efficient and valuable to the company. I have always been given a pay rise the few times I have asked for one.” 

“I resigned and got straight out when my previous employer failed to respond to grievances.” 

“I tried out a completely different industry for a year. I found out it wasn’t for me. I learned to value things and see many aspects of my original work in a different light.” 

Your membership is getting cheaper!

 Next year, YTK’s income security and extensive working life services will cost just €123 in total. If you have chosen only the fund service, the price is €99 per year.

“This year, unemployment has been lower than last year’s forecasts, and our funds are in good condition. The unemployment forecast for next year is also moderate despite the global instability. We are reducing the membership fee because we are in a good position to do so,” says Auli Hänninen, Managing Director of YTK Unemployment Fund. 

Your employment contract is the weakest link in your employment relationship – check it now! ​​​​​​​

If you keep your wits about you and have good foresight, you do not need to worry about employment affairs. We asked Iiris Härmä, YTK Association’s Lakikaveri legal advisor, about the cases she handles daily with YTK’s combined members. The most important thing is to check your employment contract and ensure there is a number you can call if necessary.