Newsletter May 8th 2020

This is how the backlog will be relieved

Our processing time for first applications is still under 30 days. Next week there will come a time when some of the applicants will have waited for the processing of their application for more than 30 days.

We aim at informing about these delays with personal messages. We estimate that the longest processing times will be 40–45 days, or around six weeks.

We are very sorry that the processing of your application may be delayed. The situation will be improving during June.

The ten commandments for applying for daily allowance

  1. Register as a job-seeker in the TE Office as soon as you are laid off or given a notice of termination.
  2. Always apply for daily allowance retroactively for a past period. Make the first application for two past weeks and the further applications for either four past weeks or one past month.
  3. You cannot apply for daily allowance in advance for a future period.
  4. Send the first application when two weeks have passed from the beginning of the unemployment or lay-off. Apply for daily allowance for the past two weeks.
  5. Send a further application, if your unemployment or lay-off continues, even if your first application had not yet been processed.
  6. Send a further application no earlier than four weeks or one month after the last day of your first application.
  7. You will get your money sooner, if you use in your further application the application period proposed by OmaYTK.
  8. Send the last application on the last day of the lay-off or unemployment at the earliest.
  9. Send the application within three months from the first day of the application period at the latest.
  10. Keep calm. In case your application is missing essential attachments, we will ask you for them straight away.

Why can’t I apply for daily allowance for the duration of the entire lay-off in one go?

Tens of thousands of people are applying for unemployment benefits perhaps for the first time in their life. We are then faced with questions about issues that are so self-evident to us that we have not informed about them in the required extent and with required clarity. Questions arise about the practices of applying for daily allowance in particular.

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