Newsletter May 25th

“When you support the wellbeing of others for a living, it would be strange not to take care of your own”

Educational counselling psychologist Karoliina Saure likes both her job and her employer, and doesn’t worry about the downsides of working life, even though she is prepared for them. She decided to become a member of YTK due to the Association’s additional benefits that promote wellbeing at work and personal development.

The long-awaited payday calculator returns to our website

Testament and Trusteeship/Power of Attorney in Finnish at a reduced price

As a member of the YTK Association, you will receive a high-quality advocacy credentials and/or a testament at a reduced price from experienced lawyers in the OpusLex advocacy network. The benefit is only available in Finnish.

  • Trusteeship/power of attorney from 250€ (incl. VAT)
  • Testament from 400€ (tax incl.)

Read more on our website! (in Finnish)

Detailed information and instructions on how to take advantage of the benefit can be found in OMA+.​​​​​​​

Insurance against leisure-time accidents

When the spring sun warms the asphalt and the pace of life starts picking up, it’s a good idea to check that your leisure-time accident insurance is in order.

Read more about Leisure time accident insurance!

Going on holiday? Remember these annual leave facts!

The summer holiday season is approaching! How are holiday bonuses paid? What is a ‘holiday bonus’ and how does it differ from ‘holiday compensation’? How does annual leave accumulate in special circumstances, such as during parental leave? 

YTK Association membership is only €22!