Newsletter May 25, 2023

Is your fixed-term employment ending this summer?

Summer is a busy time on the labour market. Many people get employed for the season, but at the same time, many fixed-term employment contracts end at the beginning of summer. This is probably most common in the education sector, with educational institutions closing their doors at the end of the school year. How does unemployment security work in this situation? When can I apply for earnings-related daily allowance? What do I need to take into account?

Fortunately, the checklist for unemployment security is short and simple:

  1. Register as a job seeker no later than on the first day of unemployment ( -> e-services of the TE Services)
  2. After two weeks, submit your first application for earnings-related daily allowance in the OmaYTK service

There is a constant need for new talents – Study to become a cybersecurity professional in 90 days!

Every industry is digital. Tens of thousands of job opportunities open up every year for those with technology skills. Would you like to open new doors for yourself as fast as in 90 days? Come and explore the university-level micro-degree, which is free of cost and available for everyone. The study themes of the micro-degree are cyber security and cloud technology. You can study at your own pace, regardless of time and place – without any previous technological knowledge. From the study path, you will gain the desired skills needed in working life. Discover your new opportunities now!

Switch to e-invoices and participate in the prize draw!

Paying your membership fee with an e-invoice is easier, more flexible and safer than paying with a paper invoice. If you switch to e-invoicing now, you will also have a chance to win a EUR 100 gift card. Your invoices are easy to manage when you use e-invoicing. 

Padel and e-scooters stand out in insurance claim statistics – Full members of YTK enjoy comprehensive leisure time accident insurance

Accidents occur especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the knees are particularly prone to injuries, according to LocalTapiola's statistics. Fortunately, YTK Working Life's leisure time insurance covers both treatment costs and disability compensations.

Add comprehensive work-life services to your unemployment fund membership for just EUR 24!

As a combined member, you will have access to, for example, a lawyer to help you with any labour disputes as well as legal expenses insuranceleisure-time accident insurance and a library of thousands of online training courses for boosting your competence. Plus so much more!

Remember that the full benefits of the legal service and insurance cover are only unlocked after six months of combined membership, so if you are not already a member of YTK Worklife, now is the time to join!