Newsletter May 23 2020

Patience is now being tested

Dear member, we are now going through weeks during which the patience of all of us is being tested. We are very sorry about the situation, while we know that being sorry is not much help. The only things that does help now is the fact that our staff is working from early in the morning to late in the evening on both weekdays and holidays, and the number of applications is continuously decreasing. Our estimate for the longest processing times is still six weeks.

By the end of April, YTK received more than 44,000 first-time applications. In total we received over 70,000 applications by the end of April. Unfortunately, the first-time applications require most work and their processing is the most time-consuming.

We want to share the song given to us as a thank-you gift to all quiet workers in Finland

At the beginning of May we received a surprise gift, a song called Kuva made for us to encourage and thank us. During this exceptional spring, many people are working for the common good – not just in Loimaa but all over Finland. That is why we wanted to pass on the good feeling and share the beautiful song with all quiet workers. Listen to the song on YouTube and share it further!

When will my daily allowance be paid?

The processing of applications is currently congested. Please check the current situation on our statistics page.

We will process all applications in order of arrival by type of application. For example, the processing of a first-time application takes longer than that of a further application, and that’s why your friend may receive their money sooner than you.

Due to the coronavirus we have received an unprecedented number of first-time applications, more than 60,000 in total. The highest number of applications arrived on 19 April. The processing of first-time applications from that date takes several days.

Processing time means the time that it takes from the arrival of the application to issuing of a decision. Your experience may be that you wait for the money from the beginning of the unemployment or lay-off to the day when the money is in your account. That time is longer than the processing time.

You can follow the processing status of your own application in OmaYTK. If the processing time is prolonged, we will also send an estimate on the processing time by text message.

Are you familiar with the benefits available to you?

Did you know that as a member of the General Unemployment Fund YTK you are entitled to join also the YTK Association with a membership fee of just 18 euros per year? Well over 200,000 people have already joined. Popular services include personal advice on employment relationships and professional coaching services for job-seeking. And remember that as a member of the Association you will get a free accident insurance. Read more and use the benefits worth hundreds of euros!

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