Newsletter from YTK May 15 2020

News about the processing status

Thank you again for the huge volume of your warm and encouraging feedback that we have received through different
channels! We receive good tips in social media on how we can better help you with directions. We try to attend
to all of them.

One matter of constant interest is the processing status of applications. We inform daily about the applications
being processed here: up-to-date information about the processing of applications. When you read the table, please
note that on some days we receive thousands of applications, and that’s why it takes us longer to process the applications
of those days. At present, we take the first-time lay-off applications for processing within around 30 days. There
are still tens of thousands of application in queue, however, and we estimate that the maximum waiting time may
be around six weeks.

30 days – we’ll be in touch!

When the processing time of your application exceeds 30 days, we will send you a text message about it and give a more accurate estimate about the processing of your application. Please log in OmaYTK and check that your telephone number is correct. That way we can best reach you regarding this important matter.

Greetings from new employees

During the past few weeks we have hired more than 100 new employees. Most of them have joined us to help in the processing of applications and customer service. But what is it like to jump in and start working at YTK during state of emergency and an unprecedented flood of applications?

”I started here at YTK as a seasonal employee in April. I’m a bit dizzy about all new things, but I feel great nevertheless! I enjoy the work, because I feel that I can genuinely help people through my work.”

”Starting a new job completely as remote work is not very common, but luckily YTK has good equipment for remote working, and the induction went fine. April passed really fast while I was learning new things. We had a warm welcome, and it was nice to become part of the YTK staff. I decided to apply for this job, because it sounded interesting and I’ve only heard positive things about YTK as an employer. I’m glad that I did apply, as I’m enjoying the work!”

”Although this exceptional situation gave me a summer job, I know that it has taken away the jobs of many people completely or temporarily. In this job I am motivated most by the feeling when I finish the processing of an application and know that another customer will receive a perhaps much awaited decision on their application.”

Follow the thoughts of our new employees in social media!

Do this if you are under threat of unemployment or become unemployed or are laid off

  • Ensure that your membership in YTK is valid.
  • Register in the TE Office immediately, on your first day of unemployment/lay-off at the latest.
  • Check your tax card before sending the first application for daily allowance.
  • Send your first application for daily allowance to us only after your unemployment or lay-off has lasted for a minimum of two weeks. Apply for daily allowance for the two weeks. It is easy and quick to make an electronic application through the OmaYTK online service.
  • Send a further application, if the unemployment or lay-off continues.
  • Please wait patiently.

Remember to update your bank account number in OmaYTK!

Please remember to check when sending your application at the latest that your contact information and your bank account number in particular are up to date! If your bank account number is wrong in our system, the bank will unfortunately return your daily allowance to us and the payment will be delayed.

Do you know any students? Tip them about the free student membership in the YTK Association!

Student members can also enjoy the benefits of the YTK Association, and free of charge! We offer, for example, leisure time accident insurance, support services for job-seeking, advisory services of a lawyer by telephone, and many other benefits from our partners. Read more and recommend the membership of the YTK Association to a student you know!

Remember to use the benefits of complete members:

The Association offers you insurances for work and leisure time and benefits and discounts from our partners. 

Legal expenses insurance

Employment advice

Leisure time accident insurance

General liability insurance

Support for job-seeking

Benefits offered by partners