Newsletter May 14 2021

Thank you – you have helped many people to see themselves more mercifully

We wish to thank you on behalf of thousands of people who have posted their comments in social media, on websites and in the media, giving praise to our campaign “Tämäkin vätys tässä”. The most typical comment we received is: “This was needed!”

The talk on unemployment has gained new tones. Based on the feedback, our campaign gave many people assurance that unemployment does not deprive them of human dignity. Of course there is still plenty to do to change the discussion culture.

We thank you warmly for contributing to what we think is a responsible act. The voices of our members decided the direction we took. Around 70% of those who responded to the vote on our campaign wanted to see an advertisement starring Petra Olli.

We have gathered articles related to the campaign on our website. Click the link to read more about the subject (in Finnish)

Survey: unemployment does not affect much the willingness of professionals to hire employees

YTK asked recruitment professionals what kind thoughts they have about the unemployment of a job applicant. According to just over one hundred respondents, unemployment does not affect the willingness to hire a person, but some recruiters are interested in the reason for unemployment, especially if the applicant has been outside the working life for a longer time.

OmaYTK Gets Better

We will update in May the way in which you can discuss with us in OmaYTK. There will be a whole new page for messages, and it will easier for you to manage discussions on different subjects.

Read about the newest and most popular online training!

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