Newsletter March 24, 2023

We campaign to help our members find work

As your unemployment fund, we support you during unemployment. It would be natural for us to also help you find work. At the moment, however, the law prevents us from helping your find a new job. 

Last Tuesday, we launched a new campaign aimed at changing the law to give unemployment funds permission to also help their members find work. 

In practice, this would mean providing targeted coaching and training as well as announcing open positions, for example.
How does this sound to you?

How this spring’s midweek holidays affect unemployment security

There are 4 midweek holidays (arkipyhä) in April and May this year. The days have a slight impact on unemployment security. Midweek holidays are bank holidays, which means that bank transfers are delayed. Secondly, you may be entitled to midweek holiday compensation from your employer, which must be reported in the application. Midweek holidays also affect our opening hours.

Get the most out of our wide range of career services!

As a member of the YTK, you can also choose a combined membership. For an annual fee of just 24 euros, combined members get access to extensive career services such as training courses, legal counsel for employment issues, work and leisure time insurance and other benefits and discounts on top of the unemployment fund’s services. Work life services are provided by the YTK Work Life Association.

Online job search coaching and personal career guidance

The combined membership includes, among other benefits, online job search coaching, where you will receive practical tools and personal career coach guidance to support your employment. You will learn to identify your skills, design a CV and job application and prepare for a job interview, for example. 

Online trainings for job search

Free training for combined members on job search and the development of working life skills can be found in the Online Training Library for Working Life

Please note! To access and listen to the courses, you must be registered as a user of the online training library. If you are already a user, log in and click directly on the trainings from the links above. If you have not yet registered for the service, you can do so in the OMA+ service (Webinars and trainings) of combined members of the YTK.

Let us help you succeed in your job search!