Newsletter March 21,2023

Unemployment funds are needed to boost employment

Today, we are launching a campaign aiming to allow unemployment funds to help and support their members in finding employment. In order to meet this goal, we have set up the site – have a look at our views and goals for decision-makers.

If we had more opportunities to help people become employed, this would not amount to us becoming an employment or staffing agency. We could instead, for example, direct advertisements for job vacancies directly to daily allowance applicants based on their situation. We would do this without bureaucracy or coercion. However, at the moment, it is against the law for us to help, which is why we believe the law should be changed.

You replied: more needs to be done to boost employment

According to our spring Member Pulse survey, the overwhelming majority of our members would like to see stronger measures to support employment.   

In response to the question “Should more be done in Finland to improve employment?” 70% of respondents said yes and only 4% said no.  

The survey also asked whether the respondent was in favour of a legislative amendment that would allow unemployment funds to help their members find employment. As many as 80% of respondents support the change in the law and only 3% oppose the idea. 

More than 18,500 YTK members responded to the survey.

Which free training will you choose?

Did you know that full members of YTK have access to a huge selection of online courses, from digital skills to accounting, well-being at work and legal issues?  

We've picked out a few training tips for you to select from – or you can choose anything else you want to learn about!

Dismissal was proven to be unjustified – Mediation was successfully achieved through Lakikaveri

Unfounded dismissals and fabricated allegations of sexual harassment were settled quickly with the help of YTK Worklife's Lakikaveri legal service. The employer had to pay 30,000 euros in damages.

Add comprehensive work-life services to your unemployment fund membership for just EUR 24!

As a combined member, you will have access to, for example, a lawyer to help you with any labour disputes as well as legal expenses insuranceleisure-time accident insurance and a library of thousands of online training courses for boosting your competence. Plus so much more!

Remember that the full benefits of the legal service and insurance cover are only unlocked after six months of combined membership, so if you are not already a member of YTK Worklife, now is the time to join!