Newsletter March 18 2020

YTK is prepared to serve you

Dear member, we are living in exceptional times, and all of us have had to face new situations quickly. YTK is defined as a vital function to society, which helps us to keep our operations running.

However, we are already now in a situation in which the number of contacts to us has exploded, and at times callers have to wait for a long time on the telephone to get an answer. This letter includes directions on how to best reach us.

Help us to prepare!

The inquiry below will help us to prepare a little for the upcoming situations. Please respond to our questions, it will only take a few minutes of your time. Thank you!


Our customer service is now busy. Please note that it is quite likely that there is already an answer to your question on our website, so we recommend you start there. Our chatbot (Iiris) can also help with a lot of questions. As a third option, we recommend you  make contact via OmaYTK, and if you still need assistance after that, give us a call. Thank you for your co-operation!

Customer service

You should contact us in the following order:

  1. Find information on our website at
  2. Ask a question in the chat on our website at
  3. Send a message through OmaYTK service
  4. Call our customer service.

YTK Associations blog:

Coronavirus – travelling and payment of salary

Coronavirus has given rise to a variety of questions and problematic situations. The focus lies in different questions related to leisure-time travelling and returning to work as well as the payment of salary in particular. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

The effects of coronavirus in an employment relationship

Coronavirus has generated needs for companies to adjust the terms of employment and organise various temporary arrangements for working. Although the situation is challenging to many employers, the employers are required to comply with the labour law even in such exceptional conditions.

Challenges regarding employees are also caused by the decisions to shut down day-care centres and schools. Who is obliged to pay salary or is anybody?