Newsletter March 12 2021

We are preparing ourselves with your help

We want to thank you warmly, our dear members, for your active participation in our latest coronavirus survey. We received a huge number of replies, more than 25,000! The information will help us better prepare ourselves for any new challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Based on last year and your responses we estimate that there will be tens of thousands of new applicants during the spring. The peak will not be as sharp as it was last year, but it will clearly stand out. The best way to prepare is to increase personnel, and we have already been doing that. We are still seeking more summer employees; you will find a link at the end of this letter.

We are a learning organisation, and hence we are reviewing last year’s stumbling blocks carefully. Back then we were not able to work as efficiently as we wanted to, because the pandemic came on so suddenly. Now the situation is different, and we are much better prepared.

You can follow the latest news and the processing situation on our website. We will continuously keep you up to date on those. We still have strength to battle this plague. We wish a sunny spring to all!

The key to succeeding in hard times lies in caring

At YTK, it is essential that we keep up good team spirit that will carry us also through exceptional times. Being ranked among the top of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces is a great achievement for our working community. We are also looking for new employees – our summer job application is now open.

Authenticity is the key in a job application

A job application is a written opening of the game. It can get you to a job interview or sometimes even directly to a job. A job application is an important element of the job-seeking process which also involves a lot of skills that need to be practised. Telling about your own expertise and experience is not always enough. You also need to be able to look into the future and say what you can do to help solve the employer company’s challenge. This article presents the point of view of one of the fastest recruiters in Finland, Tomi Salo from Valmet Automotive. According to him, the most important thing is authenticity.

Are you aware of your new benefits?

As a member of both the Fund and the YTK Association you have access to benefits worth thousands of euros for an annual fee of just 18 euros. Check out where you can save and get loads of benefits! You will find the benefits on our website. New benefits are added continuously, so stay with us!