Newsletter June 26 2020

Volume of applications shows hope for first-time applications, delay for further applications

The enormous increase in the volume of applications during the spring is indicated by the latest statistical data. The number of first-time applications was record-high, and that’s why we have also received a high volume of further applications, as many as 52,000 in May! Unfortunately the number of further applications indicates that the unemployment and lay-off periods caused by the coronavirus crisis are continuing. The high volume of further applications has also resulted in a congestion in their processing. It is still possible to process automatically an application that includes no changes to the proposal (not in application schedule, not in content), and the wait for those is no more than a couple of days. But we understand that it bugs e.g. those who apply for adjusted daily allowance as the earned income causes changes in the application and thus extends the processing time. On the other hand, it’s good to remember that the final cash amount you receive is always higher if you do extra work during lay-off or unemployment.

There is a slight positive thing in the statistics: although the volume of applications is still exceptionally high, the number of first-time applications received in May was 30 per cent lower compared to April.

You’re welcome to join us, young people!

Our membership base is growing – some 50,000 members joined YTK in January–May 2020, while new members during the same period last year numbered around 25,000.

Young people in particular awakened to secure their future. Of those who joined YTK during the first months of the year, the share of under 35-year-olds was more than double compared to last year.

According to our member inquiry carried out in April, one of the most important reasons for joining was the uncertainty on the labour market due to the coronavirus. Other reasons for joining included good price-quality ratio, fluent and knowledgeable service, easy use of services, independence, and recommendations from friends.

It was nice to hear that you feel that YTK is just the suitable fund for you and is easy to join regardless of occupation.

Robots are helping us

There are currently six robots working in YTK at different applications. The development and implementation was initiated very quickly in March, and we have now been testing the robots in the processing of applications for a few weeks. The robots help the processing employees in preparation of the applications. Due to the complicated nature of unemployment security, only few robots fully complete applications. First-time applications in particular still require the contribution of an unemployment security expert, e.g. in the calculation of the amount of earnings-related daily allowance. The monthly salary rarely matches the earnings information in the Incomes Register, and then a human employee has to check what the reason of the difference is. Further applications that include no changes and for which no decision is issued were automated years ago. They require neither a human employee nor a robot. If you are interested in the subject matter and YTK’s views on the future of automation, read more about Managing Director Sanna Alamäki’s blog!

Facebook live about processing times on Wednesday, 1 July – see you there!

Why are the processing time so awfully long? Why somebody else’s application has been processed and mine hasn’t? Can I do something to speed up the processing of my application? What’s the problem here?

We will hold a one-hour Facebook live on Wednesday at 2 p.m. where we will talk about the subject. You’re welcome to join and ask questions!

You will find our Facebook account here. (Live event will be held in Finnish.)

Comment and participate in a raffle in Facebook

Did the virus take away you job or did you perhaps start a new career? Tell about your experiences through comments in Facebook and win well-being with a gift card to Kiitoskauppa (value €39.90). The raffle will be held on 30 June 2020 and we will inform the winners personally.

Use the YTK Association’s benefits to members!

The summer is here and many of you now have more time for yourselves and determining your own hopes and needs. If you need support for self-knowledge, check out the Mazhr career service! We responded to the high demand and are offering more free codes to members of the YTK Association to use the Starter Pack worth 100 euros during June. Act quickly as there are a limited number of benefits available. Read more about the benefit!

Don’t forget that the YTK Association also offers many other practical membership benefits, such as insurances, support for job-seeking, and a bunch of benefits from our partners. If you are not yet a member of the YTK Association, join here!

Stay in Hotel Helka in Helsinki at membership price

As a member of the YTK Association you have a wonderful opportunity to spend some nice vacation days in Helsinki and stay at the heart of the city in Hotel Helka in Kamppi district. Hotel Helka offers you a fixed price including breakfast when you stay a minimum of two nights from 12 June – 16 August 2020. In Helka you will live with style, surrounded by Finnish design and enjoy your holiday responsibly in care of a Finnish company.