Newsletter July 16

Summer is looking bright 

As you can tell, it's been a beautiful summer. The number of applications for daily allowance also seems to be moving in a good direction. A little memory refresh from recent history: Last year in May, due to the coronavirus, we received a historical number of applications, over 90,000! This year, the number in May was already much lower, at 69,908. That is still a great amount in relative terms, but it's the right direction.

For June, the situation is even better. Of last year's total of 87,366 applications, this month has seen a decrease to around 57,000 applications. This means that the spike in unemployment caused by the coronavirus is starting to even out. 

The decline in applications also means that the processing times are excellent and it is easy to get a hold of us. First-time applications are processed in about a week. 

I hope there's light in your summer, as well!

Coach potatoes and do-nothings – what is revealed behind the myths of unemployment?

Unemployment is persistently associated with some myths, which, fortunately, can be busted by knowledge. 

Our recent Member Pulse survey shows what Finns have done during periods of unemployment and lay-offs. According to our survey, women and those under the age of 35 in particular have been very active as unemployed.  Idleness wasn't on top of the list at all. Answer option “Nothing in particular” was at the end of the list: only 9% of the respondents replied that. By contrast, 61% of the respondents said they had actively applied for jobs, 47% invested in their own well-being through physical activity, for example, and 22% had studied in connection to their own profession or developed their own skills otherwise.  

Make sure that your summer job accumulates working condition

Young people and students in particular have a good opportunity to accumulate working conditions with their summer jobs. If you become unemployed later, you can apply for earnings-related daily allowance, the amount of which is calculated from the euros earned in summer jobs. This is possible, for example, if you are studying for another part of the year, then summer job earnings can be applied for up to seven years ago.

If you want to take this security into consideration, you just have to get your membership of the unemployment fund in order. It is therefore worth checking the situation of young people in the family, for example, and to get the membership in order, if there isn't one yet. Get your membership in order, so you will receive security from your summer jobs even in the future!

Pick up strawberries as a YTK member: join the Association and benefit from thousands of euros in benefits for peanuts!

Did you know that as a YTK member you can also become a member of the YTK Association? The association offers you a huge range of the best services for working life, which you should not be without! When you are a member of the cashier, you will only receive the entire package for an annual fee of 18 €.

Of these, can you find many or even really many benefits for your own summer?  

MIT for the summer vacationist 

The standard benefits for a member of the YTK Association include an extensive online library for working life, which can also be used creatively as an online library for the SUMMER VACATIONIST. We spotted a course by Tuomas Mikkonen, a recognized coach from the online library: MIT class – Most Important Task and we took the top tips from it for the summer holidaymaker: 

  1. Think about what you would do if there was only one thing you could do today. What would that be? It's worthwhile to routinize other things, so that most of your time is used for this task. So how do you routinize the other tasks?
  2. Make a check list where you routinize your summer assignments. For example like this:

  • Everyone is responsible themselves for breakfast between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.  
  • Lunch is eaten between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., alternately prepared (define shifts) 
  • The heating of the sauna starts at 6 p.m. (define shifts) 
  • Groceries are bought on Tuesdays and Thursdays (define shifts) 

Once these tasks are check-listed, all the freed up time is reserved for lounging and letting the mind wander. Another advantage of a checklist is that guests coming to the cottage immediately get an idea of their duties and of when they are expected to participate in the holiday tasks. 

If you want to take tips for your holiday from the popular Pomodoro technology instead, you can also find it in the same video in the online training library for working life. 

Have you thought about starting autumn with a new job? Read this article first! 

In the YTK Association's blog, professional recruiter Kirsi Laine, CEO of Master Finland, reflects on the wonderful world of job search from the perspective of both the applicant and the employer. The article is full of golden tips, so if you're dreaming of a new career, this is a good place to start!  

Professional recruiter Kirsi Laine's tips: It's always worth inquiring afterwards why you didn't get elected. It can provide valuable information for the following job search processes, and perhaps you can express your strengths in a new way or even think about jobs that interest you from a new perspective.