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Newsletter January 31 2020

Greetings from YTK!

I’m happy to say hello just to you. My name is Ilona Kangas, I’m a new employee in YTK and have been a fund member for a little over a year. I’m very happy with both of my choices right now. I work in YTK as Director of Marketing and Communications, so I ponder a lot about what our members are interested in from time to time.

This time the theme of our letter may come as a surprise in January. The theme is contentment. Traditionally people are all but satisfied in January. Your body is either wailing in the crowd on the door of a gym or wondering about the effects of a detox diet on the stomach. Your mind is messed up with all the new resolutions. The winter is often at its coldest, it’s dark, and the windows need cleaning…

We should nevertheless give contentment a chance! We compiled a few neat tricks that are believed to make people more content:

The incomes register was introduced – can we be satisfied?

YTK started using the Incomes Register at the beginning of the year.

The first run of the Incomes Register was trouble-free, but straight after that the system froze due to a technical fault. The error only persisted one hour and the introduction continued. Some other minor challenges occurred during the first day, but finally we managed to get the register into use on 2 January 2020 just before 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

what is incomes register?

The Incomes Register is a joint database of the authorities that will compile information on earnings, pensions and benefits. The Incomes Register is intended to make communication with the authorities faster. For example, an application for daily allowance can be processed without a separate salary certificate using the information found in the Incomes Register. 

Remember to use the benefits of complete members:

The Association offers you insurances for work and leisure time and benefits and discounts from our partners. 

Legal expenses insurance

Employment advice

Leisure time accident insurance

General liability insurance

Support for job-seeking

Benefits offered by partners