Newsletter January 20, 2023

Make sure your tax card is in order

We need your tax card for ensuring that the daily allowance is taxed correctly. We automatically receive your new tax card from the Tax Administration in January. This tax card is, however, meant for salaries and wages. If you only have a tax card that is designed for income from employment, we will have to tax your benefits at a higher rate according to the Tax Administration’s instructions. If you receive earnings-related daily allowance, you should request a revised tax card for benefits in the Tax Administration’s electronic service.

Raise to earnings-related daily allowance, new transition allowance introduced – read how the new law affects your benefits

The Unemployment Security Act is constantly being updated. The legislative changes that entered into force at the turn of the year raise the level of earnings-related allowance and child increases, make part-time work easier and introduce a new transition allowance. Read our summary to see what changed for your benefits on 1 January 2023.

Are you already a combined member of the YTK? Take advantage of extensive working life services to support employment!

As a member of the YTK, you can also choose a combined membership, in which case, in addition to the unemployment fund services, you will receive extensive working life services, such as trainings, a lawyer for employment problems, insurance for work and leave, and other everyday savings. What is included in the combined membership of €123 a year?

Online job search coaching and personal career guidance

The combined membership includes free online job search coaching, where you will receive practical tools and personal career coach guidance to support your employment. You will learn to identify your skills, design a CV and job application and prepare for a job interview, for example.

Online trainings for job search

Free training for combined members on job search and the development of working life skills can be found in the Online Training Library for Working Life.

Please note! To view the trainings, you must be registered as a user of the online training library. If you are already a user, log in and click directly on the trainings from the links above. If you have not yet registered for the service, you can do so in the OMA+ service (Webinars and trainings) of combined members of the YTK.

Check out our website for more information and let us help you succeed in your job search!