Newsletter January 15 2021

Fingers on the wrist, what is your pulse right now?

The time has come again to ask how you are. We do it three times a year using the Member Pulse survey, and this year’s first survey has now been opened here. We will have a raffle for five GoGift present cards of 25 euros, so don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the raffle!

It takes less than 10 minutes to answer the Member Pulse survey, but the answers are extremely important to us. Based on them we will know better in which direction the working life, thoughts on the coronavirus and the general atmosphere are headed. The answers will help us to serve you and all of our other members better and possibly also forward the messages to the decision-makers.

There are quite a few of us, just under 500,000 Finnish employees! Every fourth Finnish employee is a member of YTK. That’s why our collective pulse matters for the development of Finnish society!

So please respond quickly! Thank you!

Do I need to send a new tax card to you?

You do not necessarily need to send us a new tax card. If you apply for earnings-related daily allowance, it is however recommended that you send us a new tax card.

Compilation of the validity of corona virus changes

Due to the coronavirus, numerous exceptions have been made to unemployment security, and these exceptions have been extended at various stages. Here's a compilation of how these changes apply.

Kalle saves hundreds of euros by being a member of YTK Association!

Kalle works in building industry and is a member of the YTK Association. The work is hectic and sometimes things get complicated, but luckily Kalle has always received good advice for any problematic situation from the Opuslex service. With the WordDive application he has improved his language skills and is no longer stopped by a language barrier at work.

At leisure, Kalle enjoys extreme sports with a group of friends, but sometimes you get bruised in those trips, and once Kalle even had his teeth redone at the expense of the leisure-time accident insurance.

At home, action is provided by school-age children whose smart devices are protected with F-Secure’s anti-virus software. To cut down the time at smart devices, Kalle and his family also spend weekends together in spas or other active holiday resorts, at discounted members’ price, of course.

All this and much more for an annual fee of just 18 euros! Read more about the membership and members’ benefits of the YTK Association!