Newsletter February 28 2020

Get inspired!

Last time in our customer letter we asked what inspires you. There were a few acronyms to choose from, and YTK got the most votes from you. We found that really inspiring, thank you! We were wondering whether EVVK (“couldn’t care less”) would get many votes, but it was left the last.

For some people getting inspired can be a continuous state of mind, while others take things more coolly. You should, however, sometimes stop and think what inspires you at work, for instance. Or does anything? Could you do something about it? Study, apply for job rotation, look curiously for new or completely different jobs, take online courses, acquire new skills… there are plenty of options and good examples, too. We include one story for inspiration in this letter.

At YTK inspiration stems every day from the work done for our members, and we want to develop ourselves continuously at it. That’s why I am bothering you with a small questionnaire which you can access here. It only takes a little while to complete but will be of great value to us!

Thank you for your participation!


Answer though the link below

Joint application affects unemployment security

Now is the time to remind the young people in the family about joint application. By applying for education you can ensure that you retain the right to unemployment security benefits.

According to the Unemployment Security Act, young people under 25 years of age who have no education shall not be entitled to unemployment benefit paid on the basis of unemployment from the beginning of the autumn term on, if they have failed to apply for a minimum of two study places without a valid reason before the studies start in the autumn.

Self-learned vocational skills led a newly graduated to a new line of work

Sometimes you can build solid professional skills through your leisure activities. Then you may find yourself in a completely different line of work than your education. That’s what happened to Sonja whose practical training within the studies for a Bachelor of Science in Sociology led her to the ICT industry.

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