Newsletter February 24, 2023

Can I study without losing my earnings-related allowance? 

Studying while receiving earnings-related unemployment allowance is possible in a few different ways.  

  • If your studies are considered part-time, you are not prevented from receiving the daily allowance. The TE Office evaluates whether your studies are part-time. The key question is whether your studies prevent you from accepting a full-time job.
  • Jobseekers aged 25 and over can study short periods of time without losing their unemployment allowance. Short-term studies mean that your studies last six months at the most. You need to notify the TE Office about your studies before the studies begin. 
  • Labour market training is a service that promotes employment, during which we can pay you daily allowance and reimburse expenses. You can search for suitable labour market training from the TE Office's selection. 
  • If you over 25 years of age and the TE Office does not offer suitable labour market training, you can apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance to support your self-motivated studies. In order to receive support for self-motivated studies, you must have agreed on the matter with the TE Office before starting your studies and the studies are full-time.  

What can I study while receiving earnings-related allowance and what do I need to do different situations?

When will I get my money?

The backlog of applications at the start of the year will slow down processing times for a while longer and will also be visible in our response times to messages. We apologise to everyone who has had to wait for their money. The situation is improving daily.

More information about processing times can be found on our website.

You can see the estimate for your application from the payment date calculator.

From our statistics, you can see the actual current processing times and our response times to messages.

Get the most out of our wide range of career services!

As a member of the YTK, you can also choose a combined membership. For an annual fee of just 24 euros, combined members get access to extensive career services such as training courses, legal counsel for employment issues, work and leisure time insurance and other benefits and discounts on top of the unemployment fund’s services. Work life services are provided by the YTK Work Life Association.

Online job search coaching and personal career guidance

The combined membership includes, among other benefits, online job search coaching, where you will receive practical tools and personal career coach guidance to support your employment. You will learn to identify your skills, design a CV and job application and prepare for a job interview, for example. 

Online trainings for job search

Free training for combined members on job search and the development of working life skills can be found in the Online Training Library for Working Life

Please note! To access and listen to the courses, you must be registered as a user of the online training library. If you are already a user, log in and click directly on the trainings from the links above. If you have not yet registered for the service, you can do so in the OMA+ service (Webinars and trainings) of combined members of the YTK. 

Are you looking for a job in property maintenance, cleaning, construction, logistics or industry?

Visit our career events across Finland this spring and find a job in your field and area! By participating, you also fulfil your job search obligation. You also get the chance to try a new, free job search service that allows you to apply for a job with just one click.

Let us help you succeed in your job search!