Newsletter February 22, 2023

Is a long career with the same employer a good thing anymore? Jenni Poikelus tells her career story.

More and more people change jobs every few years. Jari Hakanen, a research professor studying well-being at work, says that work has undergone a cultural shift: in the past, a long career with the same employer was something to be aspired to whereas today, it can even be embarrassing.  

YleX radio host Jenni Poikelus, who still loves her first job in her field after 10 years, feels she is in the best place for herself: “Here, I get to do exactly what I dreamed of when as a student: us presenters and the jokes we tell are given space. Compared to many other channels, the time we get to speak on air is significantly higher,” says Poikelus, 35.

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An employment contract can be the most important document in your life - always do it in writing!

"The biggest stumbling block in employment relationships is not making the employment contract in writing. Especially in certain industries, verbal agreements are still the norm,” says Janika Räty, Lakikaveri legal counsel specialising in labour law. She assists members of YTK Work Life in issues related to employment relationships.   

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