Newsletter February 16 2021

Results of Member Pulse survey indicate hopefulness

Thank you again to the thousands of respondents of the Member Pulse survey. This time there was clearly a hopeful feeling in the air! You told that after a difficult and uncertain year of coronavirus, optimism is emerging in many lines of business. There are also branches in which insecurity and worry about the future are still present. The members of YTK represent around every fourth employee in Finland, so our views matter a great deal from the point of view of Finland on the whole! Thank you, all respondents, of the Member Pulse survey.

How are we feeling now? Read more about the results of the Member Pulse survey.​​​​​​​

You will only receive earning-related security as a member! Remember to pay the membership fee

Most of our members have already paid the membership fee invoice for 2021, which is great! It probably goes without saying that these days it is good to keep the membership of the fund in force in case of any unexpected turns in the working life. If you have not yet paid the invoice, you need not worry. You can still get it done. You will find the invoice details in OmaYTK. You can use the same details to make an e-invoice authorisation in your own online bank. We recommend you do that.

Things to remember about YTK’s membership fee

  • Your membership will only remain valid if you pay the membership fee.
  • You also need to pay the membership fee while unemployed, studying, on maternity leave, child-care leave or in military service. That way you will secure your right to receive earnings-related daily allowance and retain the membership and employment periods for possible later use.
  • If your membership ends during the new membership fee period e.g. due to retirement on pension, you should nevertheless pay the membership fee in full. Once you have sent a notice of resignation to YTK, we will refund the excess amount of the membership fee. Sums of under 10 euros will not be refunded. No interest is paid on the membership fee to be refunded.
  • If you receive daily allowance and have not paid the membership fee, we will charge the membership fee from the daily allowance after the due date.
  • You should always use the reference number when making the payment to ensure that your membership fee is recorded correctly. It is particularly important if you pay the membership fee of e.g. a family member.
  • The membership fee is tax-deductible in the year of payment. We will notify the paid membership fees directly to the Tax Administration.
  • If you fail to pay the membership fee, we will have to terminate your membership starting on the date from which on the membership fee is unpaid.

News about earnings-related security

The negative label of unemployment is unnecessary, says bot whisperer Sonja

When the coronavirus epidemic broke out, Sonja Joensuu, who has lived in five countries and studied in three universities in six different languages, awoke to realise how many people got in trouble due to dismissals and lay-offs. The will to help other people made the health sciences professional switch from a customer service and research job to work at YTK.

“In my job I also awoke to realise how complicated a phenomenon unemployment is and how many different things are linked to earnings-related security. The word unemployed still carries a very negative label, although anybody can become unemployed due to reasons independent of themselves. Removing the stigma is socially important.”

You can make use of the wide range of valuable benefits of the YTK Association!

Did you know that as a member of the General Unemployment Fund YTK you are also entitled to join the YTK Association for an annual fee of just 18 euros? The services of the Association will give you advantage, additional cover, joy and lots of benefits – worth up to thousands of euros!

  • The Association will provide e.g. all this!
  • Advice from a lawyer for problems in the employment relationship
  • Professional liability and legal expenses insurance
  • Leisure-time accident insurance valid everywhere in the world
  • A wide range of online courses and webinars for improving your job-seeking skills and expertise
  • Benefits worth hundreds of euros from our partners (e.g. Holiday Club, F-Secure, Yogaia, Alma Talent etc.)